miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011


Clerodendrum Bungei variegado

Giant Salvia, Japanese Glorybower, Red Glorybower
Clerodendrum japonicum, C. squamatum

Clerodendrum speciosissimum , or Glorybower as it is sometimes known, is probably my favorite out of the many species of Clerodendrum in cultivation. The flowers are a brilliant red and cover the plant for months at a time. Butterflies love this plant, and Swallowtails in particular can usually be seen hovering around the plant or feeding from the red flowers. Hummingbirds also find the blooms attractive. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, making for a nice tropical foliage effect.
Clerodendrum speciosissimum is native to tropical Africa.

Clerodendrum fragans (también llamada Brocamelia) Clerodendrum philippinum, Clerodendrum fragrans pleniflorum, Clerodendrum chinense, Volkameria fragrans
Arbusto de hojas grandes, flores dobles blancas agrupadas en rosetas que al tiempo se tornan rosa, extremadamente perfumadas.
Vive a pleno sol, florece durante todo el verano suelo húmedo pero no encharcado.
Resiste pequeñas heladas, aunque las hojas se hielen vuelven a brotar.