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can we talk about variegated jade?

theoretically every kind of jade tree could develope rosy or red colors under the right conditions (lots of sun and cold temperatures). Some sorts do it more and some do it less.
To the variegated Jade-Clones: yes there are lots of different named variegated cultivars of jade.
The most common type is Crassula ovata obliqua "Tricolor" ... a variegated form with acute leaves. Typical leaves show white edges and a more or less green center.
Crassula ovata obliqua "Solana" is a cultivar that was first descriped from Russia. In contrast to "Tricolor" it shows a reverted kind of variegation with a white/yellow center and green edges.
These two kinds of variegation (white "center"- and white "edge"-variegation) are found in many variegated plant species (e.g. Portulacaria afra "Variegata" and "Medio-Variegata"). Actually both kinds have the same mutation just affecting different cell layers of the leaf ... but thats another story (for more details see:
In rare cases one kind of variegation could change to the other kind of variegation (e.g. from "tricolor" to "Solana") but in most cases the changes go directly to entirely white or green leaves. So if you are lucky you could find a "Solana"-branch on a "Tricolor"-plant.
"Lemon and Lime" is just another trading-name for "Tricolor", maybe it is sometimes also used as a synonym for "Solana".
Also the normal jade with round leaves exists in different variegated forms.
Crassula ovata "variegata" typically shows a variegation that in young, developing leaves is green-yellow and that gets more white in older ones( in "Tricolor the variegation is always yellow/white).
In Japan they also have a "Solana"-like round leaf jade with a variegatded center that at the moment is still quite rare and only hard to get
Additionally there exists a form that shows the "hummels sunset"-Mutation together with a the Variegata-Mutation:
Crassula ovata "Hummels Sunset Variegata"
Finally two pics of other rare variegated jades.
Crassula ovata "gollum variegata"
and Crassula arborescens "Blue Bird Variegata"
I guess it is just a question of time until other kinds of variegated jades will be found ... e.g. something like "Crosbys Compacta Variegata" or "Hobbit variegata".
... hope this was helpfull.
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